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Friday, 6 November 2009

Dig where you stand .....and die

As usual, reading and writing on the 'buke' that is obsessing me - and for whatever reason occasioned by re-reading Molly Scott-Cato's wonderful book - Green Economics - I was reminded about how we can define community. I'm always banging on about 'digging where you stand', that is doing the best you can, doing what you can do in your local community, but it struck me this also is about (or could be about - I don' want to frighten the youngins out there!) about the sense of 'home' of 'being' one feels in recognising that all this digging where you stand is also digging your own grave - metaphorically speaking. To think that where you are now, all the people and wonderful stuff you do now in THIS place at THIS time is ....well...a prelude to your graveyard oration (clearly I'm arrogant and confident enough that there will be people who will be concerned about such things when I'm gone!). This may be a new test of community each of us can try. If you were to die, do you think anyone apart from your immediate circle would notice? Where in other words do we find meaning for the ultimate human experience that is death? For me, its where I am now and perhaps that is the greatest value I can place on where I am and feel part of.... I'm not feeling poorly by the way so I plan to be around for a good while yet!!


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